SpaceX expands its Starlink service for RV users. But it's an extra $25 monthly

And RVs will have to be stationary to connect to Starlink.
Chris Young
A Starlink satellite dish next to an RV.SpaceX/Twitter

SpaceX announced an option to use its Starlink internet service for RVs and campervans, a press statement reveals.

Users will have to pay the company's recently announced additional $25 monthly fee for Starlink users who want to relocate their Starlink satellite dishes. 

That means anyone who uses the service will pay a total of $135 per month instead of the base monthly fee of $110.

Notably, SpaceX says, "Starlink for RVs is not designed for use while in motion." Still, it lets RV owners pause their internet at any moment and unpause at their new location, enabling more flexibility for off-grid users.

Starlink's RV internet doesn't let you connect while on the go

SpaceX emphasizes that the internet service won't be active for users who are on the move, and coverage will be provided on an "as-needed basis at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage". In the future, it may be possible for Starlink to offer users on the move as SpaceX recently announced a partnership with Hawaiian Airlines for in-flight internet access.

However, the company did recently explain that it was charging the extra $25 fee due to the added resources required for prioritizing new locations, meaning that allowing on-the-move internet for individual users is likely too big a hurdle for the time being.

"Starlink prioritizes network resources for users at their registered service address. When you bring your Starlink to a new location, this prioritization may result in degraded service, particularly at times of peak usage or network congestion," SpaceX explained in an email to customers that was obtained by CNBC.

Starlink is already providing off-grid internet

Starlink has been in the public eye in recent weeks due to its role in the Ukraine conflict. Shortly after Russia's invasion began in February, Ukraine Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov asked SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to provide free Starlink internet coverage in the country. SpaceX has donated over 3,000 Starlink terminals as well as equipment, allowing users to access the service off-grid. More than 150,000 users have reportedly connected to the service daily on average since that time.

SpaceX's internet satellite service has great potential for off-grid use. One Idaho-based user recently told IE in an interview that they achieved "self-sufficient" WiFi, with speeds of roughly 110 Mbps, using 300 watts of solar energy.

Amazon aims to launch a rival satellite internet service called Project Kuiper. It recently agreed the "largest commercial procurement of launch vehicles in history" to start launching its satellites after prototype test launches take place.

Musk recently claimed that 2/3 of all active satellites will be Starlink within the next 18 months. The company has so far launched more than 2,000 satellites, and it is seeking FAA approval to send approximately 30,000 into orbit in total.

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