SpaceX's Starlink Private Beta Will Start This Summer

The company has sent out an email asking potential service testers for addresses.
Derya Ozdemir

Starlink, SpaceX's arguably most debated project, has been developing in the sky above us, aiming for a broadband internet system to meet the needs of consumers and bring internet connection to the remote areas of the world. It's been in the talks for some time and now, it looks like it is literally just around the corner. 

SpaceX has emailed those who've registered their interest in becoming beta testers for Starlink broadband internet service, asking for a specific address to replace the previously requested zip codes.

This will enable them to be more specific about network availability and specify what they'll need to do in the future.


Public beta will follow

The private beta test is due to this summer, with a "public beta to follow", the email stated. People who have signed up to get updates regarding the Starlink services will be notified if any beta testing opportunities come up.

The upcoming launch for the Starlink program is edging closer, and these individuals will be able to use and test the Starlink-powered internet as SpaceX continues the launch of its satellites and makes new developments. 

Has only been used by few until now

There have been only a few instances of it actually being used, notably by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and SpaceX investor Steve Jurvetson.

As of now, SpaceX has launched a complete of 540 Starlink satellites, with more to follow. It has been reported that some of those have been deorbited, deactivated, or died, leaving over 500 possibly present.

The company has even more satellite launches confirmed for August, and as the plan for a constellation of satellites become a reality, they will finally be up to use. 

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