Spanish Start-up Makes Realistic Steak from Peas and Seaweed

The meat substitute mimics the texture and appearance of an animal whole muscle cut.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Plant-made faux meats are all the rage lately, offering a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to real meat. However, whereas ground meats like hamburgers have been easy to recreate, creating whole cuts of meats has been a bit more complicated.


Realistic looking 

Now, Spanish startup Novameat has revealed a new plant-based steak that is “the first to mimic simultaneously the texture and the appearance of an animal whole muscle cut, in this case a beef steak," according to the Spoon. The new product is called Steak 2.0 and it has been 3D printed from peas, seaweed, and beetroot juice.

“I started with steak I think because it is the holy grail of plant-based meat,” Giuseppe Scionti, founder of Novameat told the Guardian. “It is the most difficult.”

Scionti added that the firm is still experimenting with the taste but that he expects a final formulation within the next few months.

The 50g steak costs about $1.50 to make, similar in price to real steak. However, Scionti is planning to drop the cost when the process is scaled up.

A good product

If Novameat can achieve all this, then they definitely have a product that will sell, and sell well. Eight months ago, we reported how plant-based meat maker Impossible Foods was struggling to keep up with the demand for its product.

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David Welch, at the Good Food Institute, an institution which creates alternatives to animal products, told the Guardian: “To meet the growing global demand for meat with more sustainable plant-based products, we need to deliver the taste, texture, and appearance that meat-eaters want.”

He added that new advancements such as those made by Novameat are useful: “They give plant-based meat manufacturers a wider array of tools to mimic all types of meat and seafood.”

What do you think of plant-based alternatives? Are they a growing industry that is here to stay or just a passing fad?



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