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All phones need charging at some point in time, with some needing a charge more often than others. Now thanks to Spira, the time your phone is spent charging has just become more exciting as the phone becomes an interactive work of art.


[Image Source: ECAL]

Spira was the brainchild of Alice Robbiani, a design student studying at École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland. Without the phone attached to it, Spira is just a plain frame with a design of wood in it. However, it comes alive the moment a smartphone is attached to it by way of the magnetic case that comes with it.


[Image Source: ECAL]

When you attach a phone the wall art charges the battery via inductive charging. During this process the thermochromic paint in the frame gets heated and this reveals a spiral pattern that is very intricate.


[Image Source: ECAL]

The phone has the Spira app and this offers two different functions. The first of these showing white spheres and these represent the charging process. Each of the spheres is 10% battery life. There is also a second display and this is one of a working clock. The clock remains static even if the person chooses to rotate the phone and the spiral design which is on the frame completes the look of the clocks face.


[Image Source: ECAL]

Although impractical the idea is pretty cool, sadly though the Spira is just a project for Robbiani's diploma and as of yet there are no plans for commercial release. The design does however show how something so simple can make charging our phones more fun. It is certainly a lot more fun than just laying the phone on the desk or standing it in a cradle to charge.




[Image Source: ECAL]


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