Spot the Robot Dog Seen at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Engineers from the University of Bristol in the UK were carrying out an experiment.
Fabienne Lang
Spot in ChernobylChornobyl NPP/YouTube

Spot the robot dog has been busy lurking around abandoned nuclear power plants lately. 

To be more precise, last week, Boston Dynamics' robot dog was spotted walking around the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine by a team of engineers from the University of Bristol in the U.K. 

Ukrainian broadcaster, Ukrinform, was the first to report on the matter and to capture the footage of Spot and the team in action. 


Spot's uses

Spot is a four-legged robot that's capable of being deployed in hostile environments such as Chernobyl's nuclear reactor site that has been abandoned since April 1986 following a tremendous nuclear disaster on the 26th of that month that saw its number four reactor rupture and explode. 

On October 22nd this year, Spot and the University of Bristol team were seen visiting the site to test the robot dog under Exclusion Zone conditions, according to sources. 

Spot wandered around the site and its surrounding areas, as well as into the New Safe Confinement structure, which is a huge moveable steel dome that's meant to keep hazardous radioactivity inside of it. 

The robot was tasked with surveying levels of radiation in the zone and then creating a 3D map of its distribution. 

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Spot wasn't the only robot in action in Chernobyl that day. According to Ukrinform, the University of Bristol engineers also tested out drones and remotely operated sensors and scanners to measure the same radiation.

Spot the robot dog is one of Boston Dynamics' creations, which has been seen more and more across the world's streets and involved in more projects day by day.

Take a look at Spot in action at Chernobyl recently, the site itself is impressive, let alone a robot dog walking around it on its four legs:

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