Spotify's AI-powered DJ will suggest songs and provide insights

In addition to queueing up songs, it will provide insightful commentary too.
Ameya Paleja
Spotify's AI DJ at work
Spotify's AI DJ at work

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Music streaming service Spotify is the latest tech company to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered product. Dubbed DJ, the service was launched for users in the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday, a company press release said.

Personalized suggestions are what Spotify is known for. The company has used machine learning to understand music, its users, and their preferences and looked to match them (pun intended) successfully. At a time when companies are keen to use generative AI models in their products, Spotify too has jumped into the fray. However, it has gone above and beyond using only ChatGPT's capabilities alone and delivered an influential AI DJ inside your phone.

Spotify's AI DJ

Much like Spotify's conventional algorithm, the new AI-powered DJ also scans new releases to match users' likes and dislikes. Spotify can easily line up songs for you to listen to and has been doing this through its own suggested playlists, such as Discover Weekly or the Wrapped campaign that it rounds up the calendar year with.

The AI DJ is the next level of recommendation as it can not just begin playing songs for you but also provides you commentary about the upcoming song and artists before letting you dive into the music.

For this, Spotify first relied on its human editors to provide insightful facts and context about the music, artists, and genre. It then used OpenAI to scale the expertise of the editors and still tailor it for individual users.

The combination of the two approaches is at the heart of what Spotify is doing with the DJ. However, instead of just stopping there, the company has used Sonantic, the dynamic AI voice platform it acquired last year, to provide realistic voices to the text.

Spotify regulars may have spotted by now that the voice of the DJ is quite similar to the host of Spotify's first morning show, The Get Up. The voice and personality of Xavier Jernigan, popularly known as "X" was liked by many listeners, and the show was quite popular. While X has become the Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify, he also spent time training the voice for the AI-powered DJ.

Spotify intends to keep iterating and improving this product based on user feedback, much like other companies are looking to work with their AI-powered products too. So, if you are a Spotify Premium customer in the U.S. or Canada, you can find the DJ card in your Music Feed on the Spotify app and let it play the music with commentary for you.

If you do not like what the AI is serving, just hit the button again, and new recommendations will pop up.

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