Meet the SRV-8X Optimus, new remotely operated vehicle for underwater recon

The ROV has a 500m depth rating and four LED lamps that provide 6,000 lumens collectively.
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Left: SRV-8 ROV. Right: SRV-8X Optimus.
Left: SRV-8 ROV. Right: Latest, SRV-8X Optimus.


Oceanbotics, a leading manufacturer of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), has introduced the SRV-8X Optimus.

The most recent addition to Oceanbotics' line of underwater vehicles is a bigger, stronger version of the well-known SRV-8 ROV, according to a press release by the company. 

"The SRV-8X Optimus pushes the limits required for challenging offshore deployments, offering significant payload capabilities and an increased number of sensors for more demanding and deeper underwater missions," said the company. 

The new ROV has enhanced capabilities and features for more challenging and deep underwater missions, claims the California-based underwater drone maker. 

The SRV-8X Optimus is perfect for a variety of underwater applications because it has a large cargo capacity and more sensors, as per the firm. 

With a maximum depth of 500m, its battery-operated architecture offers an improved range and mobility. 

The ROV also provides data synchronization with SubNav-X software for easy installation and "plug-n-play" integration of optional accessories.

The capacity of the SRV-8X Optimus

The SRV-8X is twice as big as the SRV-8 and weighs 25 kg. It measures 64 cm long by 51 cm broad by 43 cm high. Eight vectored brushless DC thrusters provide 2.5 times as much thrust as its predecessor. 

It is powered by two onboard swappable lithium batteries, which provide it eight hours of runtime per charge, unlike externally-powered ROVs. 

The SRV-8X's tether length is 250m as opposed to the SRV-8's 100m, and it features an optional longer, thinner, and lighter fiber optic cable for missions that require greater depths. 

The ROV has a 500m depth rating and four LED lamps that provide 6,000 lumens collectively. It also has a manipulator arm with replaceable heads and twice as many inputs for external sensors.

With the help of an accompanying X-Box controller and a live feed from the onboard 1080p camera, the user may remotely drive the SRV-8X. One-handed remote control is also available and resembles the "flying stick" of a jet fighter. 

The SRV-8X Optimus is made for tasks like reconnaissance, looking at submerged infrastructure (bridge supports, piers, pipelines, etc.), and looking for and bringing up objects from the ocean floor. 

The ROV is ideal for challenging and deeper underwater jobs due to its enhanced features and capabilities, according to the company press release, which does not reveal the price of the new underwater drone. 

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