Stand-Up Barrier Pouches Inflate Instantly Thanks to 3D Pneumatic Bag Opener

Increasing productivity and minimizing work time seems like a pretty good deal to have.
Fabienne Lang

Ever wondered how you could maximize work efficiency when filling up stand-up barrier pouches? A 3D pneumatic bag opener is the answer. 

In about two seconds, the bag opener suctions each side of the individual barrier pouches, opening them up enough so as to easily and seamlessly fill them with whichever desired product. 


Stand up pouches 

This is particularly interesting nowadays, as many stores and homes currently either sell or own these little, usually recyclable, pouches

These little bags, once filled, can stand up on their own as the design on their bottom end is wider than their top end. 

Stand-Up Barrier Pouches Inflate Instantly Thanks to 3D Pneumatic Bag Opener
One version of stand-up carrier pouches. Source: chrisheny/Wikimedia Commons

Useful for holding anything from solid, liquid or powdered foods, as well as regular non-food produce -- such as coffee, herbs, or lavender -- they're useful for an array of materials and needs and keep products fresh for longer.

The extra beauty of them is that they use 75 percent less material than our usual cartons or cans. 

Given their popularity around the world, an invention to help the filling up process of these pouches have arrived at the right time!

3D pneumatic bag opener

In comes the 3D pneumatic bag opener. It's small, it's handy (literally), and easy to use. Sounds ideal. 

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3D Printed Pneumatic Bag Opener for stand up barrier pouches from r/engineering

Designed to minimize operator fatigue and to improve the general efficiency of the whole bagging process, this pneumatic bag opener does just the trick. 

Some 'pouchers,' or people who fill these pouches, can fill up around 9,000 pouches per day, one day after the next, according to veniceautomation, a user on Reddit. With this invention, that person still bags as many, if not more, pouches per day, but without feeling as much body fatigue. 

A person is still needed in order to operate the system and bring the pouches to the bag opener, as the device is not yet fully unassisted.

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