Star Filled Envelope Allows you to Send Constellations to your Friends

Trevor English

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your space-loving friend? You can now send anyone you would like their very own bag of constellations. With the expansions of cities and the growing problem of light pollution, seeing real constellations has become quite the problem. Invented by Japanese paper company Kami no Kousakujo, this bag of constellations only appears when you look into it with a light source behind, according to Science Alert.

constellation bags[Image Source: Kamigu]

"Send a sky full of stars to someone who has little chance to see them. Give a small gift of soothing nature." ~ Kamigu

These little bag of constellations are proving to be quite the perfect, and not to mention cheap, gift for those who want to look up in the night sky in wonder. If you are sold and want to get your hand on this bag of stars, you can buy them from the company's online store here, but no promises that they will make it to your specific destination. If you don't want to risk the bag of stars not getting to you safely, then you can buy them for quite the markup from Japan Trend Shop here, according to Gizmodo.

constelations[Image Source: Kamigu]

Recognizing and understanding constellations is actually a dying art, I mean, besides the big and little dipper and of course, Orion, what constellations could you pick out of the sky? Maybe it is time to get yourself a bag of stars and brush up on that star knowledge.

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