Startups Fought for the $50,000 Winning Startup Battlefield Title, and Here Is the Winner

Five finalists made it until the end, with the winner announced at the end of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.
Fabienne Lang

Fourteen startups presented their ideas and creations at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in Berlin this week. Showing their business models and explaining their origin stories, the startups then answered questions from a panel of experts. 

Narrowing the finalists down to five startups, the judges then decided who should win the Startup Battlefield competition, announced on Thursday at the end of the conference. 

The winner, Scaled Robotics took home $50,000 and gained custody of the Disrupt Cup. The runner-up was Stable.

Here are the five finalists and their entrepreneurial ideas. 


Startups Fought for the $50,000 Winning Startup Battlefield Title, and Here Is the Winner
Scaled Robotics winner announced, Source: Fabienne Lang/Interesting Engineering

1. Gmelius

The Gmelius startup looks to make your workday flow much more smoothly. Instead of jumping between your Gmail email and Slack, the communication platform, Gmelius combines these into one simple and easy-to-use platform.

It slots into the Gmail workspace and adds a number of features directly into your inbox so that you don't have to jump between a number of different platforms. 

2. Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa uses and combines diverse data sources to create a granular map of air pollutants in order to then sell these maps to cities and companies as a subscription API. 

This is a useful tool for cities that have yet to build their own air pollutant sensors. 

3. Inovat

This is one for the travelers and shoppers. Inovat makes the process of value-added tax reimbursement at the airport a much smoother one. Used through an app that uses optical character recognition and machine learning to understand receipts, it determines how much VAT you should be owed. 

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It then prepares your forms for an online submission, or to give to the custom's officer. 

4. Scaled Robotics

Scaled Robotics has created a robot that rolls around construction sites, producing 3D progress maps of the site. These maps pick up mishaps, however big or small, that need to be re-done or re-arranged before they become a huge construction issue. 

For instance, the robot can detect a beam that's just one or two centimeters off. 

Startups Fought for the $50,000 Winning Startup Battlefield Title, and Here Is the Winner
Scaled Robotics winner, Source: Fabienne Lang/Interesting Engineering

5. Stable

Stable is designed to protect farmers around the world from pricing fluctuations. Thanks to the startup, food produce buyers as small as a neighborhood smoothie store to Coca Cola employees, can insure thousands of agricultural commodities, packaging and, energy products.