A company aims to snuff out range anxiety by offering 100 miles in 5 minutes

And this threshold could be broken in just two years.
Can Emir
StoreDot's novel batteries.Store-Dot

Specializing in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, StoreDot aims to solve range anxiety, which is a well-known type of anxiety among EV owners. With its “100inX” technology roadmap, the company aims to achieve a mileage of 100 miles per five minutes of charging by 2024, according to a press release.

The company is at the advanced stages of developing groundbreaking semi-solid state technologies and targets mass manufacturing of its fast-charging battery cells, 100in5, which offer 100 miles of travel in five minutes of charging in 2024, then improve its charging abilities by 40 percent to three minutes by 2028 with 100in3, and finally achieving complete charging in two minutes by improving an additional 33 percent by 2032 with 100in2 batteries.

Pioneering work for these XFC cells has been undertaken with the participation of global experts from Israel, the UK, the US, and China. ‘100in5’ cells of StoreDot’s XFC technology are already being tested in the real world by a number of original automotive equipment manufacturers.

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StoreDot’s multi-patented extreme fast-charge battery technologies with proven battery chemistry can now be applied to any cell format, including both pouch and the 4680 family form factors, which are the formats increasingly favored by the majority of global car manufacturers. 

The company’s technology XFC is a silicon-dominated anode that can accept lithium-ions much faster than a graphite anode can, thanks to silicon’s lower resistance, but it also controls the tendency of silicon to swell when it accepts those ions that would otherwise generate damaging mechanical forces inside the battery.

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“It’s absolutely crucial that we give global automotive manufacturers a clear, realistic, and hype-free roadmap for the introduction of our fast-charging battery technologies. After intense development of our silicon-dominant chemistries, we will be mass-production ready by 2024, delivering a transformative product that will overcome the major barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – charging times and range anxiety,” StoreDot CEO, Dr. Doron Myersdorf said.

The company became the first one to reveal fast-charging 4680 cylindrical cells that can be fully charged in 10 minutes last year, and produce silicon-dominant extreme fast charge (XFC) cells for electric vehicles on a mass production line.

StoreDot was also allowed 12 patents last year including ones that rapidly increase the crucial ‘miles per minute’ of charging ratios, give EV batteries fixed capacity and driving range throughout their lifespan, as well as (earlier this month) allow battery cells to regenerate while they are in use.

“Our strategic technology roadmap extends long after 2024, where each milestone represents an impressive performance improvement - a major impact on the driver’s experience. We are also progressing with our semi-solid state battery aiming for its production at scale by 2028, which will demonstrate a better charging experience for EV drivers in terms of miles per minute of charging,” Myersdorf added.

Competition in fast charging

Fast charging for electric vehicles is a competitive market. While many EV manufacturers work on accelerating the charging process, there are also companies that are specialized in EV charging, such as Ionity, Electrify America, and Chargedot. But the multinational company ABB from Sweden stands out amongst EV charging station manufacturers with holding fast charging record with 15 minutes of charging time and being able to charge four Tesla cars at once with its novel charging station Terra 360. The competition in the field is only getting fiercer.