Students Build Spaghetti Bridge that Can Hold 300 Kg

Trevor English
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Building bridges for physics projects is always fun, but college students in Lithuania just took the process to the next level. Teams from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University were tasked with building bridges from spaghetti, and the winning bridge was able to hold 300 kilograms of load. This impressive feat has broken the record across Lithuania and has yet to be confirmed across the world. By significantly improving on their design from last year, the team was able to beat their own record from last year and increase their loading from 251 kg to 307.6 kg.

competition winners[Image Source: Lietuvos čempionatas „Makaronų tiltai“]

Believe it or not, the team didn't use just any pasta, in fact, they surveyed various brands they had available and completed strength tests on each. From these tests, they were able to determine the average properties of each brand and select the best suited for their project. Taking an incredibly brittle material like spaghetti noodles and turning it into something strong like a bridge is the essence of engineering ingenuity.


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