Stunning Video of a Massive Powerful Wind Turbine

Trevor English

As the shift to completely green energy occurs more and more, the ability to harness energy in very efficient manners is growing rapidly. Not only this, but the scale of existing green technologies has been grown to accommodate large scale wind turbines and solar farms. Enercon is a German wind turbine manufacturing company that has created the largest, most powerful wind turbine on the market today. The E-126 turbine, capable of generating a staggering 7.58 MW per turbine, towers a total of 125 meters into the sky. The video below details the scale and magnitude of construction and you won't be able to look away.

Seeing all that goes in to creating a machine so large is amazing, from the finesse it takes to align the rotor, to the heights that workers must operate at. The foundation alone weighs a total of 2500 tons, and it is certainly needed in order to counteract the large forces created from the spinning blades above. As of 2012 there were 147 operating models, but there is bound to be far more now as the market has grown steadily.

If you were looking to get one of these for your neighborhood, then you'll be needing around US$14 million, not including the installation costs. In wind power history, the world's first wind farm using this model, completed in 2010, used 11 of the E-126 models, which supplies power to over 55,000 homes. Those who are really interested in learning the efficiencies and specifications of this wind turbine can head over to Enercon's website and have a look.

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enercon e126 wind turbine[Image Source: Wikimedia]

Not only are major construction projects seen in the video above cool to watch, but the implementation of large scale sustainable energy will be something that defines the future of the global economy. Engineers continue to push the limits of what is possible and how big you can build a machine, and the E-126 turbine is no exception.

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