Stylish Ferrari table with built-in V8 engine up for auction

The starting bid is $6,500.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The table up for auction.jpg
The table up for auction.

Bring a Trailer 

If you thought Ferraris were only good for driving, you clearly have never seen this coffee table. Created by Alain Gervadino of Gervadino Design, the table is now up for auction at Bring a Trailer for a starting bid of $6,500.

“This coffee table was constructed using powertrain components that were reportedly sourced from a Ferrari 308. The partially-assembled engine wears a red and black color scheme, and the transaxle case is finished in red,” states the posting online.

Stylish Ferrari table with built-in V8 engine up for auction
The Ferrari table.

“The tempered glass tabletop is supported by four padded metal posts, and eight polished velocity stacks rise above the tabletop through a cutout in the surface. This Ferrari F105 V8 coffee table is now offered at no reserve with a shipping crate in Napa, California.”

A powerful motor

The motor at the center of the furniture, which will now be purely a visual asset, could once churn out 350 horses at 8,500 rpm and 275 ft-lbs of twist. However, it seamlessly transforms into a stylish piece of furniture that can complement any room. This is partially thanks to the attention to detail given by its creator.

“The engine block and transaxle case are finished in red, while the valve covers and intake manifold are finished in black and adorned with Ferrari emblems and Italian flag decals. The engine lacks internal components,” further explains the auction’s post.

“The rectangular tempered-glass tabletop measures approximately 43″ long by 28″ wide and incorporates central cutouts for the polished velocity stacks to pass through. Fabricated metal supports with black round pads support the glass top.”

Stylish Ferrari table with built-in V8 engine up for auction
The table from the side.

Famous cars

On his website, Gevardino boasts of his many creations inspired by famous cars.

“You are passionate about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Abarth? You want an atmosphere of prestige automotive in your showroom, your hall, your office or at home? I create trendy coffee tables made ​​with real prestigious motors, either old and new,” he notes on the welcome page.

“My goal is to transform engines into exclusive items that fit in a contemporary interior. All my creations are unique, numbered and custom made on request.”

In his photo gallery, he also features a Lamborghini coffee table and a Fiat 500 Abarth version. In addition, he offers car-based stools and wall decorations. We can think of no better way to immortalize these powerful cars than to turn them into stylish and luxurious pieces of furniture that will live on long after the cars have been decommissioned.

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