Affordable and Stylish Smartwatch Changes the Health Tracking Game

Shelby Rogers

Smartwatches have become some of the hottest gadgets within the last year. By combining the phone with a fitness tracker, watches saw a major upgrade.


However, a new watch on the market upped the ante. Cronovo Smartwatches offers users an automatic EKG monitor during exercise. The company boasts the EKG's 99.9 percent accuracy. The heart rate technology comes from a combination of both optical and electrical detection.


Co-founder Darin Philip said the new watch differs from others on the market:

"With Cronovo, we’ve combined the ease-of-use and smartness of traditional watches, health devices and smartwatches to create a personal assistant and an incredibly versatile gadget all rolled into one stylish watch."

Cronovo includes a metabolism tracker - vital information for anyone looking to lose (and sometimes gain) weight. The watch keeps up with your fitness goals to keep users on track and show improvements over time.

High Intensity Interval Training has become one of the most popular methods of working out and boosting metabolism. The watch serves HIIT practitioners perfectly by giving real-time intensity tracking.


Tired of the same old workout? Cronovo comes with a 'personal trainer,' giving seven minute workouts complete with instructions and visuals. The smartwatch-based programs offer double the calorie burn than traditional exercise in that time.

Not only does it offer a wealth of health data, the Cronovo could save lives. Users can set up the watch to alert family, friends and emergency medical services should the wearer suffer a heart attack or stroke.


The watch comes with a speaker and microphone system to let the wearer simultaneously send voice commands and receive them from Cronovo.

Like nearly all smartwatches on the market, Cronovo comes with an app called VoFit. While Cronovo tracks your steps, use VoFit to program detailed health and fitness programs. VoFit also works with the data gathered by Cronovo to offer workout tips.

The major component of VoFit is its scoring system. The app ranks users on a scale of 10, breaking down your fitness components to see how you rank from one to 10.

Any fitness aficionado knows that most weight loss happens in the kitchen rather than the gym. The watch offers plenty of options for delicious and healthy recipes. The voice-based, hands-free commands allow users to comfortably cook without flipping through cookbooks for the perfect recipe.

The watches come with sleek and sporty strap options. The ceramic, traditional styles come in rose gold, silver, and black. For the user constantly on the move, there are sporty faux leather options as well.

You can purchase the smartwatch starting at $99 on Kickstarter. You can also upgrade your purchase to include other strap styles and fitness subscription.

Learn more about Cronovo in the video below:

Find out more about this incredible smartwatch on the company's Kickstarter page here.

All images courtesy of Cronovo