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If you want to experience again something you’ve already experienced, this is your gadget – a snow goggle with HD camera. It is compatible with a memory card up to 32GB large, which allows you to make 8 hours long HD record. When you buy the product it will include much smaller 4GB Micro SDHC card, so if you want longer record you’ll need bigger memory card. The camera is included into the goggles and you don’t need any additional mounting tools and systems. It makes high quality HD video with resolution 720p /pixels/. Also it allows you to use it as a camera and make shots with 5 mp resolution. It has and a microphone and you can record sounds too. You don’t need additional software to download your pictures and videos, which may save many headaches to you. The set includes USB cable and charger device. Battery gives you 1.5 hours for work, and 65 minutes with light turned on.


These goggles are great for all winter sports, including skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and so on. Product description says that goggles are water resistant, but it doesn’t mean that you can dive equipped with them into lakes, rivers or whatever deep waters come to your mind.


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