Sunny Jamaica is home to the largest hybrid renewable energy project in the world

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Jamaica gets a fair share of sunshine and that sunshine is going to help provide power to what is said to be the largest wind-solar hybrid array in the world. Generating renewable electricity in commercial properties is becoming more viable each day and now WindStream Technologies have installed a huge solar array in Kingston, Jamaica, on the roof of an office building hybridised with wind generators. It has been proposed that the huge array will be able to generate more than 106, 000 kWh each year.


[Image Source: Windstream]

The trend for renewable electricity has been on the increase and we have seen this with the biggest solar bridge that was built in London, the largest solar-thermal plant in the world and the world’s biggest rooftop solar array which was installed by Jaguar this past April.


[Image Source: Windstream]

WindStream Technologies are the producers of sun and wind generation equipment for commercial buildings, along with municipalities and homeowners. They competed for the contract and were the successful tenders as they had managed to show their ability for maximizing energy production along with return on investment, while at the same time having limited roof space with which to work.


[Image Source: Windstream]

The installation in Jamaica consisted of 50 of the companies SolarMill devices. The SolarMill models consist of one or more panels along with three or more turbines. On the website of WindStream it says "the daily and seasonal trends of wind and solar resources are all mitigated by capturing both at any time of the day or year."

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[Image Source: Windstream]

It is thought that the largest array in the world will be capable of generating around 55kW of solar power along with 25kW of wind power. The company have stated that the investment will be returned within four years and that it should make around US$2 million in savings throughout its lifespan, which has been estimated to be 25 years.


[Image Source: Windstream]

The installation of the largest wind-solar hybrid array on the office roof is part of the effort from the sole energy provider in Jamaica, Jamaica Public Service, to make producing renewable energy more widely available than it is at the moment. They also hope that some of the generated electricity could be used and stored off-grid or it could be fed back into the grid itself.


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