SunScout Pro keeps your lawn in top shape with blessings from the Sun

The world’s first fully sustainable robot lawn mower which runs solely on solar energy. No more pollution, no more emission.
Amal Jos Chacko
SunScout Pro the robot lawn mower
SunScout Pro the robot lawn mower


The modern quest to automate everything leveraging connected technology has seen the likes of robot vacuum cleaners and other smart-home devices flourish. SunScout, a company based in New Zealand, aims to be at the forefront of this race with its autonomous robot lawn mower fully powered by the sun.

The SunScount Pro promises to be the be-all and end-all for lawn care and boasts of being able to work anywhere in the world. Its independence and self-sufficiency can largely be attributed to an RTK-GNSS (Real-Time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite System) capable of providing centimeter-level accuracy in real-time. This is a definite step up compared to the 2-5 meters of positional accuracy typical GPS systems offer.

With a cutting width of 15.7 inches (40cm) and a programmable cutting height ranging between 0.98 inches and 2.95 inches approximately (25 mm-75 mm), the robot weighs under 100 pounds (45kg). It can move at a speed of 1.86 miles per hour (50m/min) and tackle slopes up to 20 degrees.

A seemingly endless feature list

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, the SunScout Pro does not require perimeter wires to set areas that need mowing; the company instead provides a user-friendly and interactive app using which the user can mark mowing areas, pathways the robot can use to move between lawns and mowing zones, and even parking areas for standby. 

Furthermore, the app offers functionalities such as scheduling mowing and selecting various mowing patterns, including spirals, zig-zags, and parallel lines. This can be tracked in real-time, allowing the user to monitor the robot’s performance and status.

All this is powered by a 768 Wh Lithium Ion LiFePO4 battery and an 800W brushless DC motor. The SunScout Pro harnesses the sun's power through its stacked solar panels that deploy to ensure quick and efficient charging. 

The company promises significant cost savings over traditional gasoline lawn mowers and assures customers a recoup of investment in 4 to 6 years based on gasoline cost savings alone.

SunScout Pro keeps your lawn in top shape with blessings from the Sun
SunScout Pro- robot lawn mower with its panels spread

What happens when an envious neighbor decides they could do better with your SunScout Pro? The company has you covered. When it detects being moved beyond the user-set virtual fenced area, its anti-theft system locks the robot automatically. Also triggered is an alert via the app, letting you know of the mishap.

The SunScout Pro robot lawn mower is currently accepting funding on Kickstarter and will retail for US$2,630 later this year. The company hopes to ramp up production by July 2023, with shipments to begin in August 2023. 

You and I may soon be severe contenders for the Garden of the Year. All I now need is to find myself a lawn. real time

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