Super Slim Universal Multi-tool with Interchangeable Wrenches

Trevor English

In a world with so many varieties of nuts and bolts, it often takes a huge toolbox just to hold all of the wrenches and spanners you need for around the house. Until now, there hasn't really been any intuitive multi tool that incorporates wrenches into their functional designs. Meet the WRENCHit multi-tool spanner that has every size you could ever need and fits easily into your pocket. Conveniently portable, this multi-tool lets you select your needed wrench size and interchange it in one swift motion; check out the video below to see it in action.

This versatile pocket tool comes from the creators of the Tool Pen, another innovative tool that incorporates screwdriver heads into a uniquely compact size.  Built with SUS 420 stainless steel, the WRENCHit is durable and can carry up to five wrench heads at one time, with a set containing more than 15 of the most common sizes. The size and spec of each wrench is engraved on the face of each attachment so you're not fumbling around trying to find the right fit.

One of the best features of this tool is how lightweight it is, while also being incredibly effective and strong at the same time. The heads aren't only just for bolts, but they can also be used to adjust a wide array of different appliances and gadgets.

WRENCHit_Press_04[Image Source: WRENCHit]

Now, with the Tool Pen and WRENCHit, you can carry a whole toolbox in the back of your pocket, making that next DIY project a cinch. Available on Kickstarter right now starting at US$30 for a bike set and US$38 for a full wrench set, this will surely be the best tool you have. Over 1,00 people have already backed the project now with funding reaching just over US$110K! The products are set to ship in August of 2016 after the campaign ends in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to go get your hands on this innovative tool while the campaign is still going on!

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WRENCHit_Press_18[Image Source: WRENCHit]

With allen wrenches, wing nut wrenches, and even a bottle opener, this multi-tool has everything you need in one small, functional package. Say goodbye to not having the right size of wrench to fix your problem and say hello to the WRENCHit.

Go get yourself a WRENCHit Multi-tool on Kickstarter Now!

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