Surfs Up in Rotterdam! Well it will be by June 2015 thanks to RiF010

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There are many places around the world associated with offering great surf but Rotterdam certainly isn't one of them. That could be about to change however thanks to the RiF010 project which is expected to open by June 2015 at the Steigersgracht Canal.


[Image Source: RiF010]

The project came from an initiative from the Rotterdam City Council in which they saw several ideas that could make the city better which was then put to a public vote. The RiF010 won the majority of the votes and it now has the backing of a €3.6 million fund.

It was said that funds raised by the project when it is open are going to go back into a pool for the creation of more water sports facilities. The organizers behind the project said that tickets to gain entry into the attraction are going to be inexpensive.


[Image Source: RiF010]

The RiF010 project features a large wave pool along with space for kayaking, body boarding, swimming and scuba diving. There are plans to install a wooden beach house, which will have a café and terrace and will be a base to watch the water sports taking place. The Delft University of Technology are behind the wave pool and it will help to create water that has been purified naturally inside the canal.

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[Image Source: RiF010]

If the project goes to plan it will open by June 2015 and RiF010 is set to open its door from April through to November. The people behind it say that it will be tailored to meet the needs of the disabled along with children and the elderly.

[Image Source: RiF010]rotterdam_surfing

[Image Source: RiF010]

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