'Surprise Location' Navigation Buttons to Be Included in Next Tesla Software Update

The idea originated from a tweeter and looks to have also been confirmed, by Elon Musk, on Twitter.
Chris Young

You may have heard about surprise package holidays, where you pay a travel agency a fee for them to take you to a mystery destination for the weekend.

How about an 'I'm feeling lucky' Tesla destination?

Thanks to an enterprising Twitter user, and Elon Musk's high engagement with social media, this idea is looking set to roll out with the next Tesla software update.


New navigation buttons

In recent months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has bypassed traditional press releases by rolled out updates on his company over social media.

Remarkably, this new update, if confirmed, went from the idea stage to completion in the space of about 20 hours. The idea itself came from Twitter user Kelly Vaughn, who later jokingly asked the CEO whether she would get a free Tesla in return.

Vaughn tweeted the following pitch to the tech mogul:

Musk replied with interest, saying he liked the idea. He later came back saying the option is scheduled to be released with the electric vehicle company's next software update:

Fun random locations

More details are yet to be released, though the little we know has people speculating whether it will be a fun, safe option or whether the AI will go awry.

One tweeter, Pranay Pathole, speculated that the option could malfunction and get countless Tesla cars to mistakenly end up at an unsuspecting stranger's home:

This certainly wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility, what with 100 drivers recently being stranded in a muddy field due to directions from Google Maps.

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'Surprise Location' Navigation Buttons to Be Included in Next Tesla Software Update
Source: JD Lasica/Commons Wikimedia

Ultimately, this is one more example of the maverick Tesla founder acting on a sudden whim. Who knows, maybe he's struck gold by bringing in a new holiday fad? Autonomous vehicle surprise holidays, anyone?

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