BAE Systems’ all-terrain vehicle can turn into a crew support weapon when attacked

Sweden, Germany, UK will jointly acquire 436 Arctic troop carriers.
Ameya Paleja
The BvS10 in action in rough terrain
The BvS10 in action in rough terrain

BAE Systems 

Sweden, Germany, and the U.K. have jointly agreed to procure 436 BvS10 armored all-terrain vehicles, the manufacturer BAE Systems said in a press release. The vehicles will be deployed in support of the Arctic operations for the Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program.

The BvS10 is BAE Systems' most advanced offering when it comes to all-terrain vehicles. A heavily armored vehicle, it is also available in an unarmored format, referred to as Beowulf, which can traverse extreme terrains in the harshest and most remote environments.

Both these vehicles are capable of providing optimal maneuverability across terrains such as ice, snow, rock, sand, and mud, as well as steep mountains. In coastal or flooded areas, these vehicles become amphibious and can swim to deliver personnel and supplies to provide a strategic advantage in any operation.

Capabilities of BvS10 armored vehicles

Currently deployed by Austria, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the U.K., BAE Systems has developed a series of variants for these armored vehicles in line with the requirements of its customers to deliver high tactical advantages.

The interiors of these vehicles are spacious to allow troops to easily install interchangeable equipment and hardware as per tactical needs. These include the ability to convert these vehicles into an ambulance, armed personnel carrier (APC), and a repair and recovery vehicle.

When pressed into an attack, the armored vehicle can be equipped with missiles or mortars or even turned into a crew support weapon (CSW), the latest of the variants developed by BAE Systems. The CSW is designed to deliver heavy fire support in any climate and is equipped with a remote weapon station (RWS) for fire support and a weapon station with head out for situational awareness, the company's webpage states.

The BvS10 is adaptable to a wide range of weapons ranging from 5.56 mm to 12.7 mm as well as a 40 mm grenade launcher, and offers protection against ballistics and anti-tank mines.

Joint purchase agreement

The joint purchase agreement of the three nations for 436 vehicles is worth US$760 million. Of these, 236 vehicles will be delivered to the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV), 140 to the German Federal Ministry of Defence (BAAINBw), and 60 to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD), the press release added.

Sweden is the lead nation in this three-nation purchase agreement and has set up a joint procurement office to lead the effort. The agreement has scope for the nations to add more vehicles to the order in the future.

This acquisition is in addition to the 127 BvS10 vehicles that Sweden ordered to expand its existing fleet last year and separate from the US$50 million order for another 40 vehicles it plans to procure.

Earlier this year, Beowulf, the unarmored variant of the vehicle, won a competition for the Cold Weather All Terrain Vehicle (CATV) held by the U.S. Army. Delivery of 110 Beowulf vehicles is expected to be completed over a period of five years.

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