Sweden Sets Up First 5G Network with Its Major Telecom Companies

5G is about to expand its reach across Sweden through its three major telecom companies.
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5G is growing more and more quickly, and if you want to easily keep abreast of its expansion here's all you need to know about it.

As part of 5Gs revolution, three major telecom companies in Sweden have announced their upcoming 5G network launch dates: Tele 2, Telia, and Tre Sweden. 

Sections of Stockholm, the nation's capital, already benefit from 5G, with many more being added to the list as the year goes on, as well as other cities and towns in Sweden. 


Switching networks

On Sunday 24 May, Tele 2 switched its network to 5G, with availability opening up to customers as of June 24 in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. 

Then, Telia comes next as it inaugurated its first major 5G commercial network in Stockholm today, May 25, even though it had already been up and running for a few weeks. It has 15 base stations that are already in place, and 60 more will be built in June hand in hand with Ericsson, who will be powering the network for Telia. 

Allison Kirkby, CEO, Telia Company, said in a press release: "Our networks have never been more important to lives and livelihoods, than now. Telia’s 5G launch lays the foundations for the next phase of digital transformation, with innovation, sustainability, and security as three critical pillars, and we are proud to be doing this launch in partnership with Ericsson."

Kirkby continued "As we roll-out 5G across Sweden, we will open up new user experiences and accelerated innovation in areas such as entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, and transport, that will collectively strengthen and protect everyone living and working in Sweden, and Swedish competitiveness in the world."

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Telia's 5G network is due to power most of Stockholm's city center by June 21, and its private customers that are within range and have a 5G-ready smartphone and Jobbmobil contract will be able to enable the new 5G network. Moreover, its network is run 100% on renewable energy certified by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Launches are due to happen later in the year in other major cities in Sweden including Gothenburg and Malmö. 

And finally, Tre Sweden is jumping on the 5G board by bringing its network in the centers of Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Vasteras, Uppsala, and western parts of Stockholm in June. This will be an expansion on its already-launched 5G network back in December 2019, when it announced testing. 

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