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Swimming is one of the best ways of keeping fit but keeping track of the number of laps you have swam during a training session can be difficult. The same applies if you want to know how far you have travelled, the speed at which you went, how your heart rate varied or how many calories you have burnt. However things could get a lot easier with Swimmo as it is your personal trainer swimming watch.


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Swimmo is currently on Kickstarter and it was put on with a target of $39,000. At the time of writing it has twenty days to go and it has managed to beat that target. At the moment it stands at over $93,000. The watch helps the wearer to keep a track of their goals and it is the first smartwatch designed specifically for swimming.


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The watch works in both the swimming pool and out in open water and it comes packed with smart features to help you train. These include a PaceKeeper and the IntensityCoach. The watch features a heart rate monitor along with an OLED colour display that is totally waterproof. The display is 1.29 inches and the screen is intuitive and adapts to the wearers needs.


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The Swimmo fitness smartwatch has patent pending technology called Rotate&Tap and this allows the wearer to use the watch with just two simple gestures and does away without the need for buttons. It has Bluetooth Smart to sync with an Apple or Android device via an app and it is also compatible with such as RunKeeper, Strava, Healthkit and many others.


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Wearing the watch the swimmer can monitor their progress in the water in real time and with feedback that is immediate. It helps the wearer to make the most of the time they spend training so that they can achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. The watch alerts the wearer via vibrations telling them whether they need to slow down or speed up.

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The Swimmo watch helps the wearer to keep track of the distance swam, how many calories they have burned during their swimming session and the speed for the total workout and in every lap. It also monitors the heart rate continuously and keeps a track of how long the swimming session lasted.


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The PaceKeeper technology allows the swimmer to start pushing themselves when they slow down as the watch vibrates on the wrist if you go below the correct pace range or go above it. The Intensity Coach helps the wearer to keep within their heart rate zone to ensure that training is done at the correct intensity. The Training Guidance system allows the swimmer to set goals. It’s possible to choose the amount of calories to burn, the swimming distance or the length of the swim.


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Swimmers can keep a track of their best times along with personal records and when these are beaten the Swimmo notifies the swimmer. Results of the workout can be shared easily through Twitter or Facebook and the basic features of the watch don’t need smartphone pairing. This can be done at home and then it can be synced wirelessly after the workout with the app on the Apple or Android device.


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The designers of the Swimmo say that the smart watch will update itself with new features that are planned for the future. Upcoming features planned include an Open Water Swim mode, Pro Stats mode and Pro Interval Training mode. Every time zone around the world is supported along with meters and yards. The watch is stylish enough to be worn when out of the water and offers basic functions including time, day and date.


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The Swimmo watch will last around 5 to 7 days before it needs charging and it takes around 2 hours to fully charge. The device comes with a USB cable and uses charging technology similar to the Pebble. The band is adjustable and comfortable and anti-allergic. The designers have worked on the watch for 18 months and plan to have production bumped up by September if all goes to plan and those who have backed the device can expect to receive their watch in October or November. The Swimmo has a price tag of $149 for the early bird special and $169 for the watch and free shipping.



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