This Tape Turns Any Surface into the Perfect LEGO Building Space

Shelby Rogers
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LEGO pieces can create just about anything. However, they're severely restricted in the flexibility department. That's where design studio Nimuno comes in. The company created a flexible solution to building up the LEGO designs of your dreams. This adhesive strip is a simple tape with a malleable LEGO overlay, allowing builders of all ages to expand their opportunities.
This Tape Turns Any Surface into the Perfect LEGO Building Space

[Image Source: nimuno via YouTube]

Nimuno Loops are rubberized rolls with LEGO-friendly studs on the non-adhesive side. It can be cut and applied nearly anywhere. It can also be reapplied if a user wants to move the project.


[Image Source: nimuno via YouTube]

Industrial designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler run the Cape Town-based company. The duo spent over a year developing a prototype. They said their childhood felt built upon LEGO pieces. They continue to believe in the LEGO company and the opportunities for creativity it provides people of all ages.


[Image Source: nimuno via YouTube]

"As professional designers," they write, "we see the creative potential it offers people young and old."

The company developed its IndieGoGo campaign that went viral within the last week. Nimuno exceeded its goal of $8,000 USD by a hundredfold. Currently, the total money raised in the campaign exceeds $817,000 USD.


[Image Source: nimuno via YouTube]

And the price point for Nimuno's LEGO adaptive tape seems reasonable when compared to the hundreds of dollars people shell out for a new LEGO set. The company is selling six rolls of the tape for $34 at roughly 20 ft in length each. If that seems like a bit much, you can buy two rolls of the same color for just $11. Nimuno's IndieGoGo campaign currently lists the estimated delivery for the product as this July.

To watch Nimuno's tape in action, check out this video below and see for yourself:

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