Someone Taught Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot How to Pee Beer

YouTuber Michael Reeves taught the robot how to pee in a bid to get "revenge" on Boston Dynamics.
Chris Young

In what seems to be turning into an endless list of ridiculous capabilities exhibited by Boston Dynamics' Spot robot, a YouTuber has released a video of the famous robodog "pissing beer" into plastic cups.

In his video (embedded below), programming YouTuber Michael Reeves made Spot look more dog-like than ever by making it wet his floors with yellow liquid — and here were we thinking that not pissing on the carpet was supposed to be a point in favor of the robopets of the future.

In order to get Spot working the machinations of his dirty mind, Reeves wrote a few lines of code and used plastic tubing to get Spot to identify cups on the floor, position itself over them, and release a stream of beer into said cups. 

Though Spot the robots' success rate is comparable to a real-life pooch mid-way through potty training, we do take our hats off to Reeves for actually showing how adaptable Spot is to countless tasks in his silly video.

Reeves himself says the "Piss bot [works] flawlessly, 35 percent of the time," in his video, with tongue firmly in cheek.

As for the reasoning behind the quirky experiment, Reeves explains how he had previously tried on numerous occasions to get his hands on Spot the robot, only to be rebuffed by Boston Dynamics as it was not available for "personal use." Now that Spot is available on the commercial market, the YouTuber set out to get "revenge."

Boston Dynamics' Spot robot used for internet adulation

Boston Dynamics' Spot robot is not at all easy to get ahold of — the robot costs a staggering $75,000. That means that most users have a very specific, serious task in mind when buying one of the machines.

Reeves' video does highlight the fact that Boston Dynamics may have somewhat lost control of the image portrayed by its fascinating robodog since it became commercially available.

In recent times, the robot has been armed with a paintball gun, utilized by the French army for combat training, and used to serve contact-free beer in Sevilla.

As almost any video showing the robot carrying out a surprising task ends up with a huge amount of views — Reeves's is currently sitting past the 6 million view mark — it's likely not the last time we'll see Spot the robot put in a compromising and somewhat embarrassing situation.

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