Technological Highlights from Taiwan in 2021

At this year's CES, the Taiwan Tech Arena displayed technology ranging from cybersecurity to healthcare and wellness.
Marcia Wendorf

The island nation of Taiwan has created the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to showcase the products created by this innovation hub of the Asia Pacific region. TTA displayed this new technology at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA)
Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Source: TTA

TTA connects Taiwanese startups, creating an entire eco startup system which can be divided into five categories. These are: Smart Living, Tech for Good, Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions, Healthcare and Wellness, and Mobility Tech.

Mobility Tech

Includes 11 startups in the smart city and vehicle logistics arenas. Standouts included 3drens Internet of Vehicles. It provides a data-driven IoT platform for commercial fleet owners, such as vehicle rental and logistics, transportation, and automakers.

3drens Source: TTA

The platform is equipped with IoT asset management, predictive maintenance, driving behavior evaluation, and itinerary optimization. Combined with open data, 3drens provides improved efficiency, saves costs, and increases profit.

Dartrays Whud II provides heads up driver displays. It allows a 6.5 - 10 ft (2 - 3 mt) projected image distance, and the system is compact enough to be installed as an aftermarket device. Users can use it to access driver information without taking their eyes off the road.

Spatial Topology Technology (STO)
Spatial Topology Technology (STO) Source: TTA

Spatial Topology Technology is the world's largest map pool for indoor positioning for e-commerce. STO also incorporates offline behavior to complete a full shopper profile,  brand engagement, reward points, and membership.

Healthcare and Wellness

28 startups in this group include OFLO, which is a cloud-based walkie-talkie device with full voice communication and voice applications. It is designed for frontline workers and screenless workflow, and it does this by using bone conduction.

Most Popular
OFLO Source: TTA

OFLO features unlimited channels, true multichannel instant communication, audio logging, transcription, and cross-platform communication.

Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions

With 22 startups in this group, standouts include the IX R2 which is the world's first wireless secure eBadge with a crypto key inside. This 3-in-1 device supports login authentication, data encryption, and door entry. The highest level of authentication combines both software and physical keys.

IX R2 Source: TTA

Tresl is an e-commerce analytics platform for brands sold through Shopify. It gives marketers actionable insights and provides brands with access to analytics. Tresl provides recommendations, marketing integrations, and step-by-step marketing optimizations.

Tech for Good

Among the 18 startups in this group is the Ganzin with its Eye Tracking Solution for augmented reality and human-computer interaction. It provides next-generation eye tracking modules that can be incorporated into AR/VR devices and smart glasses. The Ganzin AI eye-tracking algorithm allows easy entry into the extended reality world.

Kebbi Air makes an AI-powered social robot that allows brands to create an interactive learning and playing experience for kids. Over 600 schools in Taiwan currently use the Kebbi Air robot for STEAM and language instruction.

The robot recognizes faces, objects, gestures, sound sources, voice, and context, and the robot can have hundreds of reactions.

Smart Living

The 21 startups in this group include FiduciaEdge which enhances the security of Edge devices that are used in smart cities, intelligent transportation, and smart manufacturing.

Interxie Energy provides energy storage system development for homes. It allows consumers to stack charges, and integrates with renewable energy systems. Interxie optimizes the use of self-generated power, is portable, easy to use, and it helps avoid power outages. Interxie automatically adjusts energy usage, optimizing house battery systems.

The tech displayed by the TTA was remarkable for the depth and breadth of the problems it addresses and the solutions it provides.