Tesla Battery Recharges Really Fast When Towed at 70 MPH

If you're in the middle of nowhere with a dead Tesla, all you need is a tow.
Ameya Paleja

If you have been worried about ending up with a Tesla in the middle of nowhere and without a charging point, worry no more. All you need is a simple tow. This puts Tesla on par with any gasoline-powered vehicle, in case its extensive supercharging network wasn't convincing enough for you.  

The fact that towing an electric vehicle charges its battery is not a new discovery. This has been known for a while, and you can find loads of such videos on YouTube. But in a video that has surfaced recently, another YouTuber named Rich has taken this to a new level altogether and towed his Tesla at 70mph (112 kmph) to charge its battery. 

As Rich mentions at the beginning of his video, this wasn't an experiment to get views for his channel. Rather, this happened to him in real life. His Tesla ran out of charge. But our guy Rich here, at a public charging station, did not want to spend three hours waiting for the battery to gain enough juice to get him home. If Rich were a country, he would be Norway

Rich recollected how regenerative braking in his Tesla generates 65000W of charge.  This is well below the rate of a standard Tesla supercharger. V2 superchargers work at 150kW per car after an upgrade in 2019. So, Rich got himself towed at 75 mph (120 kmph) for some distance and got home. 

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He then decided to demonstrate this for his video channel and got his Tesla towed by a Mercedes Benz E55- AMG. You can check Rich's attempt in the video below. 

There are a few takeaways from the experiment. 

His Tesla car did not give any warnings over this method of charging for an extensive period of time. While not at supercharger speeds, the battery did charge quite fast. 

Taking Rich's calculations for what they are, this is a highly inefficient way of charging your Tesla, even if you have a great towing vehicle. It is definitely NOT SAFE to strap yourself to another car and drive on a freeway at such high speeds. 

Quite appreciative of user innovations, Elon Musk has not commented on this yet. 

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