Tesla Could Open Up Its Superchargers to Other EVs Next Month

And non-Tesla vehicles in Europe will have first dibs.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In July of 2021, we brought you the news that Tesla might be opening its Superchargers to other electric vehicles in Europe later this year. The announcement came after CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the event.

Now, Teslarati has reported that during an all-hands meeting Musk recently held with Tesla employees, it was revealed that the Superchargers in Europe would be opening to other electric vehicles as early as next month.

Tesla's Supercharger network is one of the most massive and comprehensive on the planet consisting of over 2700 stations around the world with over 25,000 chargers installed. The largest of these stations is in Shanghai. It allows a whopping 72 Teslas to be charged simultaneously.

With the further introduction of the V3 charger, Tesla was able to offer a charging rate of 250 kW and a recharging time of just 15 minutes for a 200 mile (~320 km) trip, all at cheaper rates than gasoline.

But in June of 2021, Tesla began being pressured to share its Supercharger network. German Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer pushed Musk to allow any manufacturer to use the secrets of the company's superchargers for the development of all current and future electric vehicles.

"I am in direct contact with manufacturers like Tesla to ensure that the existing infrastructure, for example, Tesla Supercharger, is also opened for other manufacturers," Scheuer said during an interview with Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

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This is not surprising as Tesla's supercharging network is one of the most reliable ones in existence. However, currently, the company's superchargers only work with Tesla vehicles.

This not only guarantees that the charging stations won't become congested it also serves as a special incentive for prospective all-electric vehicle owners to buy from Tesla instead of its competitors.

Now, however, it seems Musk might be caving into pressure and opening up his Supercharging stations. Although this is great news for electric vehicles in Europe, one has to wonder what it means for Tesla and the company's customer base. 

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