Tesla Cyberquad DIY Electric ATV Goes 100 MPH in Video

This souped-up DIY Tesla Cyberquad was built from a 2008 Yamaha Raptor, maxing out at 102.5 mph.
Brad Bergan

A team of mechanics built a custom version of the Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV — and it tested at 100 mph, according to a video posted on YouTube.


DIY Tesla Cyberquad ATV goes 100 mph

When Tesla first debuted its Cybertruck in 2019, CEO Elon Musk humblebragged about "one more thing" while on stage, cueing the introduction of the Tesla Cyberquad — an electric ATV — which could fit on the Cybertruck's bed.

While this sent fans screaming, it wasn't clear whether Tesla aimed to make the electric ATV available for purchase, but Musk later confirmed the vehicle would go to market for Cybertruck buyers, reports Electrek.

DIY engineers develop their own Tesla Cyberquad ATV

Of course, some people aren't willing to wait for Tesla to make the electric ATV happen, which is why — like the Cybertruck — several DIY projects have since launched to build a functional DIY Tesla Cyberquad.

Doubtless, the best-yet comes from the Rich Rebuilds team, who recently finished their Cyberquad build.

In short, the team built the same prototype Tesla constructed for its Cybertruck launch. Tesla will probably do something different for its production version, but the earlier debut suggests Tesla might use a Yamaha Raptor ATV and transform it into an electric model — into what looks like a Zero Motorcycle with an electric motor.

DIY Cyberquad made from converted Zero Motorcycles, Yamaha Raptor

Steven Salowsky and Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds employed their extensive experience with electric conversion jobs using a Zero Motorcycle powertrain.

In addition to buying a 2008 Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV, the team also salvaged parts from Zero Motorcycles bikes to jump-start the project.

In the beginning, Benoit aimed to convert the Raptor with the electric powertrain, but Salowsky took things a step further when he made the body appear like the Tesla Cyberquad body.

"They were going to just convert it, then Steven offered to design it to replicate the Tesla Cyberquad," wrote the team, in an email to Electrek. "It started out as origami to create a sense of scale to the pieces, and then Rich had wired the bike up with its new zero motor powertrain and welded the new drive unit to the rear, and Steven restructured a new aluminum trestle frame onto the existing quad frame, and then formed and cut the new body."

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Cyberquad goes 102 mph, Tesla's endless DIY projects

Roughly 300 hours later, the team had constructed a DIY Cyberquad electric ATV. The video shows the new electric vehicle achieving notable performance metrics, going 0 to 60 mph (around 100 km/h) in 3.8 seconds — faster than the first Raptor's 5.4 seconds.

What's more, the team's Cyberquad reached a top speed of 102.5 mph (165 km/h).

As Tesla continues to offer extra features and vehicles to subcultures of consumer sectors, we can expect the parade of souped-up DIY vehicles to go on, because the best engineers never turn down an interesting challenge — so long as it can be done responsibly.

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