Tesla Expands Superchargers Network Through Europe

Elon Musk has announced the network will cover the whole continent.
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Superchargers coverage will cover all of Europe from next year. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk tweeted the news on Boxing Day, saying, “Yes. Supercharger coverage will extend to 100% of Europe next year. From Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey.” 

This is great news for Tesla owners who can take advantage of the short charging times to make sure they are optimizing the performance of their electric vehicle.

Model 3s are available on a reservation in Europe right now with orders expected to be fulfilled sometime next year.

Tesla has previously announced that the European version of the model 3 will come equipped with Combined Charging System (CCS) fast charging-compatible ports. 

Tesla Expands Superchargers Network Through Europe
Source: Tesla

European network to be CCS-equipped

Existing supercharger stations will be upgraded with CCS plugs before the Model 3 rollout on the continent.

CCS is a system common to their electric vehicle manufactures which means Tesla charging stations could possibly accommodate competing brands.

Though it seems this idea wouldn’t be a problem for Musk who in a series of tweets urged consumers to consider their next car to be electric for both financial and environmental reasons. 

He even tweeted out a list of other electric car companies that people could consider if they didn’t want a Tesla. Supercharging used to be free for Tesla customers, but they will soon have to start paying for the service.

Tesla has made it clear they don’t intend to make charging an income stream for them, so the cost of the electricity is likely to be relatively low and in most parts of the world cheaper than the cost of fossil fuels. 

Musk pushes EV to all consumers

Musk has stated many times that the overall cost of running an electric vehicle is much lower than a traditional combustion engine vehicle.

Without the added costs of regular maintenance, oil changes etc, Musk suggests you are likely to save around 1000 USD a year when driving an electric car.

 In addition to adding superchargers on highways and along peak commutes, Tesla has said they intend to work hard to get supercharger systems into urban areas.

This is particularly important for city-dwellers who have limited access to parking space. Marty Meany tweeted at Musk asking: “Hey @elonmusk - any recommendations for people living in rented accommodation with parking spaces separate to building? Charging solution for us would help massively!”

Musk promptly responded saying: “We are dramatically increasing Tesla Superchargers within cities & working with landlords to add home charging to apartment buildings” Electric car infrastructure could be a tipping point for consumers choice it the future. 

EV charging infrastructure could sway consumer choice

Tesla has been aggressive from the beginning to ensure that there are few limitations to where Tesla drivers can comfortably go with their cars.

Many cities are playing catch up to figure out how to manage and regulate electric vehicle charging stations.

In some places in Europe, it will become mandatory for new apartment buildings to include a universal charging station while any car park area over a certain size will also need to add charging possibilities.

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