Tesla Gigafactory Texas Has Fierce Potential to Grow Compared to Other Sites

Tesla's Texas Gigafactory in Austin has substantial potential to grow at a maddeningly-fast rate.
Brad Bergan
Tesla's Gigafactories, side by side.K10 / Twitter

When it comes to the potential for growth, Tesla Gigafactory Texas in Austin is a world leader in the auto manufacturing industry. It's bigger than any other Tesla factory, and has a lot of room for growth, according to CEO Elon Musk and president of Automotive Jerome Guillen, who said so during a July earnings call.

Compared to other Tesla factories, the change is size is too obvious to ignore.


Tesla's Gigafactory Texas has wild growth potential

The latest Tesla Gigafactory in Texas is a leap beyond industry standards on many levels. It's where the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi will undergo production — two new vehicle programs for Tesla's 2021 assembly lines.

Additionally, it will introduce new talent from the engineering-powerhouse that is the city of Austin into the Tesla juggernaut.

However, one of the most notable features of Gigafactory Texas is its size: as Tesla's largest property to date, it will leave a lot of extra room for growth, reports Electrek.

New Gigafactory 15 minutes from Austin, Texas

The automaker nabbed 2,000 acres of land that sits a mere 15 minutes from downtown Austin, for its new factory. Moreover, Tesla's last earnings call saw CEO Elon Musk and president of Automotive Jerome Guillen agree that this was Tesla's biggest property.

An expert on Tesla's moves Brandon Knoblauch created an interesting chart that compares the Texas Gigafactory in land size to Tesla's other auto manufacturing sites.

While Gigafactory Nevada is almost as large, most of the land assigned to the factory in the east features difficult terrain that would on which additional structures would prove hard if not impossible to build.

New Gigafactory producing 4 new vehicles, 'ecological paradise'

Meanwhile, the new site in Texas has substantial potential for growth, with more manufacturing space — which Tesla plans to use, in line with Musk's confirmation that the company will produce four different vehicles on-site: Model Y, Model 3, Tesla Semi, and Cybertruck.

Additionally, Musk gave a verbal surprise last week when he described Tesla Gigafactory Austin as an "ecological paradise," open for public viewing and enjoyment. He added the possibility of a boardwalk, and a biking and hiking trail.

Construction of Tesla's new Texas Gigafactory site has already begun, and from the way the winds of change are blowing, the futuristic automaker is moving very, very fast.

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