Tesla Is Bringing a Jolly Karaoke Spirit Into Its Cars With "TeslaMic"

Get ready to rumble with "caraoke".
Loukia Papadopoulos

Tesla is always introducing new and improved features to its cars, leaving us wondering what it may just do next. In September of 2019, Tesla's latest software update at the time allowed you to play Cuphead in your car. Its new feature, however, is even more exciting as it allows you to sing karaoke in your vehicle.

You can sing, but only in China

For the time being, the exciting new feature is only available in China, according to Pocket-lint. It consists of an in-car karaoke microphone called TeslaMic. The TeslaMic is engineered to work with Leishi KTV, a karaoke system that Tesla is rolling out as part of its new "Chinese New Year" update.

Tesla's in-car "Caraoke" feature is not entirely new. It was released via the V10 software update in 2019. At the time, it introduced the ability to play a very limited list of songs with the lyrics appearing on the center display.

More songs, more fun

The new 2022 update leverages Leishi KTV’s interface and catalog to offer a wider variety of songs as well as sound modes to help singers sound more like pros. Better yet, the TeslaMic can even be used outside of Tesla vehicles so get ready to make your parties that much more fun.

You can purchase the TeslaMic from Tesla's Chinese store for 1,199 Chinese Yuan ($188 or £140). It has been noted, however, that the page keeps crashing which may make getting your hands on this entertaining new device very difficult (the page might be more stable if connecting from within China).

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I bet you are wondering when this fun new feature will be available in the U.S.? Electrek recently reported that Tesla expanded its U.S. trademark to audio products which means we may be seeing "Caraoke" launch on American soil sooner rather than later. 

What does all this mean? Tesla is looking to attract more and more customers by offering features you simply can't find in other carmakers. And it seems to be working: Tesla delivered nearly 1 million vehicles in 2021, more than twice as much as 2020. What will the carmaker think of next?

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