Watch: YouTuber modifies a Tesla Model 3 with 10-feet wide wheels

Not something Musk would have thought of even in his wildest dreams.
Ameya Paleja
The Tesla modified with 10 feet buggy wheels
The Tesla modified with 10 feet buggy wheels

WhistlinDiesel/ YouTube 

A YouTuber has shared a mighty hilarious video where he switches the wheels on a Tesla Model 3 with 10-foot wheels from a buggy, and the results are mind-blowing. He even manages to flip the car over and drive it upside down.

If you haven't seen the YouTube channel, WhistlinDiesel, you have missed some great free action and comedy on the social media site. The channel started off in 2015 but has gained fame for its whacky content.

A few months ago, the host, Cody Detwiler, demonstrated the effects of flying a helicopter indoors. This should give you a good enough idea about the scale of the wackiness showcased on the site. So, the car with buggy wheels might seem like a step down from his previous efforts, but the results are hilarious.

How good is a Tesla?

Detwiler says at the beginning of his video that all automotive makers are racing to build electric cars. This would mean that this is some fascinating technology unraveling in front of our own eyes, and he wants to test how good it is.

What better representative for electric cars than Elon Musk's Tesla, which has made record sales in multiple markets? Instead of doing a crash or a speed test, Detwiler uses his own parameters to test the vehicle and on multiple occasions, refers to claims that Tesla has made about its cars.

For instance, the fact that electric cars are considered non-polluting since they run on electricity. However, it is extremely important that the electricity is also generated from a renewable source for it to be really green. That is something very few automotive makers actually talk about.

Halfway through the video, Detwiler gets to the most interesting part of ditching Tesla's conventional wheels and replacing them with those from a buggy. If you have watched previous videos on the channel, you will see that Detwiler has tested this concept on other cars before, so it is not unusual for him to do so.

Other than driving over a Ferrari, what he also manages to do this time around, is flip the electric vehicle and drive it upside down. It does make for a few very funny few minutes in the video before he decided to flip it back and drive his modified Tesla normally again.

Interesting Engineering has previously brought to you some interesting mods that make Teslas faster and better. Nothing has been this funny before, though.

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