Tesla Model S Ripped Open in Chilling Collision With 18-Wheeler, Passengers Walk Away

A father and daughter survived an unavoidable crash with an 18-wheeler inside a Tesla Model S.
Brad Bergan
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A Tesla Model S was obliterated when it collided with an 18-wheeler as the latter ripped through the electric sedan "like a lightsaber," according to images posted to Reddit on Monday.

A YouTuber called Rich Rebuilds shared a video of the destroyed electric car on his Twitter account.


Demolished Tesla Model S
A demolished Tesla Model S, passenger side, after colliding with an 18-wheeler. Source: Rich Rebuilds / Twitter

Tesla S receives 5-star rating after devastating collision

The Reddit post from u/quarm813 says the Model S P90D was on Autopilot while navigating a highway. But while it cruised down the fast lane, an 18-wheeler swerved into its path.

The Tesla driver then swerved to dodge the collision with the tractor-trailer, but there was nothing to be done. "I grabbed the wheel and tried to avoid the 18 wheeler," said quarm, reports Teslarati.

"The rear guard rail on the 18 wheeler caught the front of the car and cut the entire driver-side off. The only way I can explain it is it looked like it was done with a lightsaber," he added.

Tesla Model S Destroyed
The 18-wheeler's rear-guard tore through the driver's side 'like it was done with a lightsaber.' Source: Rich Rebuilds / Twitter

Father, daughter survive Tesla incident with mild injuries

Quarm referenced a severely broken arm, which took multiple surgeries to repair. But his attention remains on his daughter, who was sleeping when the incident occurred.

"My daughter was asleep in the rear seat. She got six stitches in her knee," wrote quarm in a Reddit post.

The gravity of the incident is apparent in the images he shared with the r/TeslaMotors community.

Passengers walked away, Tesla delivers Model Y

Quarm also said both passengers walked away without emergency authorities applying emergency equipment like the Jaws of Life to extract their bodies from the wrecked Tesla.

In the aftermath, quarm was already looking to buy a new car — and is undecided between a Tesla Model S P100D or a Model Y. Tesla Motors helped deliver the new electric vehicle to Quarm while he was resting in the hospital.

"Did you know that Tesla will do a contactless delivery to the hospital? Tesla delivered a 2020 Y to the hospital for me," said Quarm, according to Teslarati.

He added the car was ordered before even arriving at the hospital, and that Tesla delivered the new car to the hospital because the father and daughter had no alternative way of getting home after tending to their medical needs.


Model S crash testament to Tesla electric car safety

Notably, Tesla enthusiasts are holding the two passengers' survival of the incident as a testament to Tesla's standard of vehicle safety — especially that of the Tesla S.

The NHTSA gave the automaker's flagship sedan a five-star rating in crash safety tests for Overall Safety, Frontal and Side Crashes, including Rollover protection — which makes the Tesla Model S one of the safest sedans on the market.