Tesla's New Solar Power Tiles Can Generate 22% More Clean Energy

And you can install them on existing roofs.
Ameya Paleja
Tesla solar tiles fit seamlesslyTesla

In yet another bid to push forward its solar business, electric vehicle maker Tesla has launched a new solar roof tile that has a higher power output while retaining the dimensions of the old one.

Tesla entered the clean energy business when it acquired SolarCity for $2.6 billion in 2016. It makes switching to solar energy sleeker by replacing regular roof tiles with energy-generating solar roof tiles, instead of having to install bulky solar panels. Tesla offers a 25-year warranty on the tiles and takes end-to-end responsibility for installing the new solar roof. 

However, the company has so far struggled to make its product mainstream due to fluctuations in pricing, Electrek reported. With variations across house designs, Tesla has found it difficult to create a streamlined product and even introduced a roof-complexity factor, earlier this year to determine cost estimates. 

In a bid to push the acceptance of its solar roof tiles, the company has now introduced a new roof tile. As Electrek reported, recent quotes provided by the company feature the SR72T1 tile against the SR60T1 tiles that were included previously. The nomenclature provides details about the power output of these tiles, with the former providing a maximum output of 71.67 watts while the older tile's output maxed at 58.5 watts. The tile size has remained unchanged even as the power output has increased 22 percent. 

According to the Electrek report, Tesla uses two types of tiles in its roof installations. Although they do not look any different when looked at from a distance, one type of tile produces solar power, while the other does not. Tesla installs its solar tiles where they are most efficient. With this newer roof tile, Tesla will now be able to generate a greater energy output while also simplifying the installation process since there are fewer connections to make between solar tiles.