Tesla Now Detects Traffic Cones to Provide a Safer Trip

Tesla has added a new feature to its driving visualization system.
Nursah Ergü
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Tesla has added a new feature to its "Driving Visualization" system. It's been recognizing other cars on the road for a long time, but there are other things you should be careful about as well: traffic cones. 

Bicycles, trucks, pedestrians, strollers... Tesla has been depicting all of them on the screen, and now it's the cones' turn. Before, detection of cones triggered the warning system as an object without anything being shown on the screen.


Now, cones will also be shown on the screen. It's one of the latest improvements in Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot system because the semi-autonomous driving system can change lanes on highways with roadwork. It'll help the driver avoid cones and suggest a different lane without the roadwork. 

Before this, the cones on the road were shown as other objects which don't change the driving path. 

Of course, it doesn't mean that you should completely trust the vehicle and play with your phone or sleep while the semi-autonomous driving mode on. Some users say that the Autopilot system doesn't always recognize the cones. It's up to you to fully trust the AI. You should be careful while driving the Tesla with the semi-autonomous mode on. 

Source: mbbirdy/iStock

This improvement shows us how much the automatic pilot system can keep improving in the future. Who knows, maybe without the need to put our hands on the wheel, we'll be able to go anywhere with the autonomous pilot system. 


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