Tesla Owners Looking for Love, Get Ready For This Dating App

And to think it all started off as a joke!
Fabienne Lang
Tesla DatingTesla Dating

There are a number of regular and specific (think farmers dating app) dating apps and websites currently available. A couple even inadvertently turned Spotify into their very own dating app. But what has been missing? One just for Tesla owners, of course! 

That's not even a joke.

Tesla Dating is an app in the making that founder Ajitpal Grewal created for laughs and giggles, to begin with, as he told Mashable. But as he noticed traction from Tesla lovers, he's decided to truly give it a go and create a real deal app.


Love of EVs = Love of EV owners

Or something like that. The proper slogan of Tesla Dating is actually "Because You Can't Spell LOVE Without EV [electric vehicle]." If that doesn't make your little Tesla heart melt we're not sure what will. 

Grewal didn't take his proposed app seriously when he thought it up. It started off just as an idea as he'd noticed people around him who were buying Teslas almost only talked about their newly-bought vehicles.

So he thought, why not put two and two together and let Tesla owners share their love for Teslas together, and possibly for each other. 

As per the Wall Street Journal's reporting, Grewal stated that "It seemed like once they became a customer, that's all they wanted to talk about. It became a big part of their identity."

Tesla Owners Looking for Love, Get Ready For This Dating App
What the Tesla Dating app may look like, Source: Tesla Dating

At the moment, Tesla Dating isn't functional. However, the app already has around 200 opt-ins for early access for once it is set up. Grewal explained to Mashable that those joining the site have to prove their Tesla ownership. We wonder if someone chooses to change their Tesla for another vehicle while they're already on the app, could they keep dating Tesla owners, or would they have to leave the system? 

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