Tesla releases Cybertruck crash test video with surprising end

Does the crash ever happen? Watch and see.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Tesla crash test.jpg
Tesla crash test.


On Saturday, Tesla’s Twitter account shared a short video of a crash test of the Cybertruck that quickly made the rounds and resulted in many online responses.

The 37-second clip shows a Cybertruck driving past a group of spectators that seem to be in awe of the vehicle as they gape at it with open mouths from behind windows. 

The vehicle is shown however as not completing the crash test, stopping short of crashing against the obstruction. What’s funny about the video is that the crash, which is crucial to every crash test, does not occur until the end of the clip.

This led Twitter to have much to say about the entertaining clip.

“I feel bad for the walls that crash into this bulletproof beast,” said Mayer Mizrachi.

“Still waiting for the crash,” noted Ruben Colina.

“Just like the truck! It never arrives,” added Shane Nickerson, cleverly referring to the many delays the manufacturing of the truck has experienced.

“lol, waiting like 5 mins for the impact,” said Rusty.

Some referred to the fact that the video was released on April 1st.

“Now this is how you crash test an April fools joke,” tweeted Mark Fidelman.

“April Fools ladies and gentlemen,” said PC Tech Magazine.

“Look at your calendar,” said Xill.

Others still were concerned with a potential apocalypse.

“What if zombies take over how am I going to drive them over?” said Samit Max Patel.

Some, however, were not impressed.

“Most useless video I’ve ever seen,” tweeted AliCandler.

“This is just plain mean,” said Ryan Hanson.

Back in July of 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company is planning to start delivering Cybertrucks in mid-2023. Then in November of 2022, this date was changed to end of 2023.

That date is also quickly approaching, but there has been no confirmation that the deliveries will indeed actually happen, and since the truck’s arrival has been plagued with delays, it is not illogical to assume more will happen.

With this latest video, however, we can take comfort in knowing Tesla’s engineers are doing their best to ensure the truck will be as safe as possible.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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