Tesla Shows How Bioweapon Defense Mode Cleans the Cabin Air

A standard feature on its Model S, Model X and Model Ys since 2016.
Ameya Paleja

In a recent video posted on YouTube, the EV maker Tesla has showcased the abilities of its HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode to protect the inhabitants of its car from dangers that lurk outside. 

As Tesla explains in the description accompanying the video, it uses highly efficient particulate air (HEPA) filters in its car models S, X, and Y. The air filtration system removes more than 99 percent of particulates and is something we also saw in some other EV concepts last year

To demonstrate the efficiency of the filters in its car, Tesla engineers blew up a large bubble and filled up the interiors with smoke from smoke bombs. For comparison, they also put a BMW X3, without a HEPA filter, inside the bubble.

Then one of the thermal engineers actually put himself inside the cabin, while the smoke bombs go out around him. As can be seen during the video, the interiors of the car have no traces of the red particulates from the smoke bomb, while the BMW X3, luckily with nobody except a camera inside, is filled with red smoke. 

In the latter half of the video, the engineers display the HEPA filters on the demo car and how they are laden with red particulates from the smoke bomb. Tesla says that the filters also keep out smaller particulates like PM 2.5 that cause persistent pollution problems in cities

An added feature on the Tesla cars is the Bioweapon Defense System which actually pressurizes your car so that air from outside does not enter it, even by accident. This is a handy feature in case there is a deadly virus circulating around and carries risk to your health.

Unfortunately, we cannot live our lives in the positively pressurized cabins of a car forever. However, it seems that Tesla is actually good at making them. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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