Tesla Teases Their Upcoming 2020 Roadster With a Break-Neck Acceleration Video

If you want to test drive the Roadster you are going to have to put down a $5000 deposit.
Donovan Alexander

Say what you want about Elon Musk, but this new upcoming Tesla Roadster is an impressive vehicle. Over the past couple years the Tesla electric car company has been hyping up the new Roadster. With breakneck specs, the all-electric hypercar is worth a look if you are planning to be in the market for an electric vehicle. Tesla recently released a new acceleration video that continues to build on its hype.


The Flying Roadster

Now the Tesla Roadster was in the news earlier this year but not for the reasons that you think. In one of his always informative but slightly jarring tweets, the billionaire tech CEO implied that a version of the Tesla Roadster will fly thanks to SpaceX technology, with an animation that fulfilled the dreams of many Back to the Future fans.  

Nevertheless, the current set specs of the 2020 Tesla Roadster is impressive. When first unveiled to the public, Musk promised a car that would include a 200 kWh battery pack, 620-miles of range and a top speed of 402 kph.

Now to put that into perspective, the Roadster is able to accelerate from 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds, making it the quickest production car ever created, outsprinting vehicles like the Bugatti Veyron or Koenigsegg Agera RS. Though there are definitely some impressive competitive answers to the Roadster on the way the vehicle has garnered the world’s attention.

Lighting Fast

Tesla released a short clip of the vehicle zooming across a back road. Though the Instagram clip is not much to go off of, the vehicle does have us excited with the caption “ Zero to sixty faster than you can read this caption”.  

The Founders Series version of the car is expected to hit the market in 2020 with an expected market price of $250,000 and 1,000 units made upon release. If you ever had any doubts about the Roadster’s potential numbers Musk had something to say to critics.

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Zero to sixty faster than you can read this caption tesla.com/roadster

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“I think I can say without getting trouble that those are actual figures. Those aren’t theoreticals. Those aren’t calculations. We’ve done those numbers. And I probably shouldn’t say that numbers are even conservative, but they are. That thing is going to be a proper weapon.

So I know there’s lots of skeptics. People say, “Oh, yeah, but I’ll be dead before it comes out.” Have faith.”

Would you like to get your hands on the Tesla Roadster?

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