TextBlade offers compact touch typing that fits in the pocket

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WayTools is offering a very different approach for those looking for a folding portable keyboard that offers tactile feedback for people who like touch typing. They have designed the TextBlade keyboard which they claim is the most compact touch-type machine to have been produced.


[Image Source: Way Tools]

TextBlade offers the familiar QWERTY layout of keys and there are three separate modules to the keyboard, with each of them being just slightly bigger than a stick of gum. The three pieces come together magnetically and they make up the keyboard. One of the three modules is the spacebar and the other two modules comprise of four oversized Ultra Smart Keys, which make up the keyboard.


[Image Source: Way Tools]

The smart keys feature capacitive touch technology; this is similar to that used on smartphone touchscreens, which gives multi-touch capabilities to each of the buttons. This allowed the designers to place six different characters on each of the keys with full 19mm spacing for touch-typists.


[Image Source: Way Tools]

In order to give the keys the feel of the typical desktop keyboard WayTools used “MagLever” technology. This is contactless sensing tech providing 2mm of travel that comes without any wear or depth that is typically associated with keys that are spring based. The space bar plays home to the battery and this can be charged up in around one hour via USB and it will then last one month.


[Image Source: Way Tools]

The TextBlade measures 104 x 30.6 x 11.2 mm and weighs in at 1.5 oz. The handy foldable keyboard is sold with a carry sleeve and this also doubles up as the stand when using a smartphone or tablet with the keyboard. The TextBlade is compatible with Android and iOS handsets that support BLE.

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[Image Source: Way Tools]

Deliveries of the TextBlade are from next month and at the moment the company are taking pre-orders for the portable keyboard, which has the price tag of US$99.

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