Thanks to GPT, now you can have conversations with Unitree's new AI robodog

The most basic version of Unitree Go2 costs $1,600.
Sejal Sharma
Unitree Go2
Unitree Go2


Robotic dogs have been made very accessible today by big players like Boston Dynamics and Unitree. You can order a robodog today, and it will be at your doorstep by October.

People have entered their robodogs in competitions with real dogs, which (alas) they could not win. And on the other hand,  robodogs are also employed in heavy industries to carry out tasks like doing train inspections and fixing things.

Even though the metallic design of these dogs does remind us a little of the robodogs we saw running around and killing humans in the Black Mirror episode ‘Metalhead,’ it’s being said these will revolutionize the consumer-grade quadruped robots industry.

And now China-based Unitree Robotics launched its latest quadruped robot, which features embodied artificial intelligence (AI). The company has also opened preorders for Unitree Go2, which is GPT-enabled and boasts a variety of characteristics a real dog would have, such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down.

Integration with GPT

The body is made up of aluminum alloy and high-strength engineering plastic.

Integration of OpenAI’s GPT enables great language capacity and a large language base, enabling Go2 to fully understand its user's intentions and surroundings. 

This means that humans can speak to the robodog, and it will be able to keep up with the conversation and interpret a user's prompts to help them better.

“Also, Go2 is able to make decisions based on information from its sensor. The increasing information it stores adds its unique characteristics, making it the closest friend of its user,” said Unitree.

Motor performance enhanced by 30%

The Go2 robodog takes small steps in a weirdly short gait, but Unitree claims its ability to traverse complex terrains has greatly improved. Unitree released the following video on YouTube a few days back, showing Go2 dancing cross-legged and balancing itself on its two legs.

Unitree released its first side-follow bionic robot, Go1, in June 2021. Go2 is upgraded with Unitree's self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 and 360x90 hemispherical ultra-wide recognition. The 15-kg robodog has a super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05 meters, which makes Go2 an all-terrain robodog.

It will even click photos of you.

Go2’s battery capacity has been increased to 8,000 mAh, with an optional 15,000 mAh ultra-long life battery. Its voltage has also been increased to 28.8V to improve motor efficiency, power, and stability.

One of the most distinct features of Unitree dogs is their side-follow system, meaning that the robodog will walk beside you as you walk and will be visible in your peripheral vision. Unitree has claimed that the positioning accuracy has technically been upgraded by 50% and that the remote control distance is over 30m.

The robot has three modifications - Go2 Air, Go2 Pro, and Go2 Edu. The base model costs $1,600 with an additional shipping cost of $399. The Pro model costs $2,800 and comes with a side-follow system. The price for the Edu model is not available on the website and can be known via a Unitree sales expert.