The 5G Race: Russia Has Launched Its First 5G Zone in Moscow

The pilot 5G zone is part of wider plans for deployment of the high speed network across Russia.
Chris Young

In cooperation with Ericsson, mobile operator Tele2 Russia has launched a pilot 5G zone on Tverskaya Street in downtown Moscow.

The area will be used for several demos to test the utility of 5G, including VR entertainment, smart buildings, and other examples where high data speed and ultra-low latency are essential.


Pilot 5G

Outdoor coverage of the 5G network has become available on Tverskaya Street, Moscow on the 28 GHz band.

Tele2 and Ericsson signed an agreement to deploy 5G tech in Russia at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As part of this agreement, the new pilot zone was launched, and more than 50,000 base stations will be deployed across Russia over the next five years.

The 5G Race: Russia Has Launched Its First 5G Zone in Moscow
Source: Ericsson

In a statement, Sebastian Tolstoy, Head of Ericsson in Russia, said:

“As a recognized leader in 5G, we are launching Russia’s first 5G zone in Moscow jointly with Tele2. We have a history of working in close partnership with Tele2 and now we’re pioneering 5G in Moscow."

"With many live commercial 5G networks with named service provider customers in four continents – more than any of our competitors – we are looking forward to continue leading and driving innovation to ensure the digitalization of Russia."

Smart city development

Sergey Emdin, Tele2 Russia CEO, said the following about the event:

“Today’s event means that the 5G era in Russia has already come – from tests and laboratory trials, we are moving to operating the technology on a commercial network. In the near future, Muscovites will be able to see for themselves what 5G will bring to the daily life, entertainment and development of smart city.”

As Russia Today reports, by 2022, 5G networks will be launched commercially in five cities with populations over a million - and in in 10 more cities by 2024.

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