The Boring Company's Second Tunnel is Ready in a Smashing Way

The Loop transit system, however, is due to open in January 2021.
Fabienne Lang
Boring Company tunnel1, 2

Elon Musk's Boring Company does no justice to its name as it is anything but boring. The company has finished excavating the second of its two tunnels for the Las Vegas Convention Center's (LVCC) underground loop transit system. 

In typical Musk flair, the news was revealed on Twitter and shared another message at the same time. A wall of the underground tunnel bore the words "You Can't Stop Vegas" and was consequently smashed down by excavating diggers. See, nothing to be bored about here.

The Verge first reported the news. 


The underground loop

The LVCC's mile-long underground loop is due to be ready by January 2021 (if CES happens next year) if all continues to go to plan, and the project could cost up to $52.5 million. This is the first commercial transit system the Boring Company has taken on, and so far it appears to be moving on time. 

The Boring Company's Second Tunnel is Ready in a Smashing Way
A Tesla smoothly riding through one of the Boring Company's tunnels, Source: The Boring Company

The Convention Center Loop — the project's official name — is being built to transport the Center's users in tunnels beneath the venue using a number of Tesla's electric vehicles. The loop is able to move 4,000 people per hour across the area and is meant to turn what was a 15 minute walk into a two minute speedy point-to-point ride. 

Steve Hill, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority told the Verge "We’ve got a growing city and growing tourism base and we need all the options that are reasonably available in order to move folks, so we think all of those different options are important to maintain. And this is just going to be one more really fun one to add to the list."

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Depending on how the current global situation pans out, the tunnels will be in operation in time for CES in Las Vegas early next year. But if there's any truth in the Boring Company's post on Twitter that stated "You can't stop Vegas", the Convention Center's users will indeed be zooming through tunnels underground in a matter of minutes from 2021.

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