The Flying Iron Man Jet Suit Has Now Been Kitted out with Helmet-Controlled Guns

Could this become the next military fighter suit?
Fabienne Lang

Gravity Industries' flying Iron Man jet suit was already impressive as it was. However, with its new and improved look, it now looks ready to take on anything that comes its way. 

The suit was recently kitted out with a helmet-controlled shoulder-mounted pellet rifle. It can now fly and shoot at the smallest head inclination of its pilot. 

Engineered by James Bruton, the flying suit now looks ready for war. 


The suit

Originally, the suit boasted a turret that was made from a mixture of custom 3D-printed parts and sensors that could track rotational movements.

Furthermore, it featured a two-axis gimbal that rotated from side to side, moved forward and backward, mirroring the movement of the pilot's helmet. 

However, when Gravity Industries wanted to add a mounted rifle to the gimbal, this structure wasn't working smoothly. 

Bruton then came in with his new design. The British engineer and hacker upgraded the gimbal to feature a robust linear actuator that smoothes the rifle's upward and downward movements. Bruton completely removed the side to side feature, as the rifle ended up smacking the pilot's helmet with each movement. 

The upgrades and the new suit were put on display soon after, in Bruton's video, which explains his work as well as showing Gravity Industries' Richard Browning testing it out in flight. 

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During the video, the team makes an effort to explain that the new additions to the suit are purely for fun and entertainment — nothing to do with any actual military equipment.

That's not to say that the military wouldn't be interested in such a flying firing jet suit, similar to the suits by the French army and Franky Zapata, perhaps?

However, there would have to be significant changes to the current model, if it were to become a proper fighting suit — first and foremost, stability and range.