The Haiku smart fan turns itself on when necessary

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Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter by the day, depending on where you live of course. Even if you are not suffering from stifling heat, it can get a bit stuffy if you are indoors and it can help to turn on the fan. Having to turn on your fan could soon be a thing of the past though as there is the Haiku smart fan with SenseME technology. This is a fan that can turn itself on so as to keep the temperature regulated and it knows when you enter the room.


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This is just the latest in modern tech for smart climate control systems for the home, but it is a piece of technology that could get you in a spin thanks to it being able to work on its own. The ceiling fan comes with what is known as SenseME technology and is packed with Wi-Fi connectivity along with sensors that come into play when the fan has detected that someone has come into the room.


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The Haiku ceiling fan is made of Moso bamboo, aluminium or matrix composite airfoils. It has infrared motion detection, along with humidity and ambient temperature sensors that help to keep the ideal temperature in the room. The fan is able to start up and shut down when it senses you enter the room, and when the temperature rises or the humidity gets higher.


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This clever ceiling fan is also linked to an iPhone, which allows the owner to control it through the companion app. There is what is called the Whoosh Mode, this is said to simulate a breeze outdoors and will cool you off by around 40%. The Sleep Mode will reduce the speed of the fan while you go to sleep, which is great for installations in the bedroom. The Alarm Mode is customisable and can wake the owner up with a combination of air, sound and light.

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While the fan is intelligent and will work on its own, owners do of course have the option of changing the speed and turning the fan on and off manually. The SenseMe technology will also learn what the preferences are of the owner and adjust itself in time.


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Just as with many ceiling fans, this one also works as a light too. It comes with 39 highly efficient LED lights, which are located underneath the blades. These can be dimmed down with a choice of 16 levels of brightness.


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The fan doesn’t come cheap though as the Haiku comes with a price tag of US$1,045. The company behind it claim that the Haiku is the quietest and along with it being the most energy efficient. The fan can be pre-ordered and it comes in the 52 inch and a 60 inch and in different colour options.


[Image Source: Big Ass Fans]

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