The Homping Grill makes BBQs smoke free

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Everyone loves a BBQ but there is one thing that can be annoying and that is the amount of smoke that plumes from them when lighting the charcoals in the grille. Of course there are gas versions of grilles but the food doesn’t taste the same at all. Soon BBQs could become smoke free thanks to the Homping Grill that uses a fan that is battery powered to not only make it more efficient at cooking but also almost entirely eliminate the smoke that comes from it.


[Image Source: Homping]

Gone are the days of the chunky old fashioned grille and in comes a designer model that is very portable and more convenient. The grille needs just a small amount of charcoal, around 8 briquettes will give you an hour of grilling food at around 400 farenheit. The grill is just 14 x 7 inches and has a weight of 8.4lbs, which means it is very compact.


[Image Courtesy of Homping]

The Homping Grill also relies on an ignition gel to get the charcoals started and this is lit in a dish that is set below the basket holding the charcoal. The fan means that it can get burning in just 3 to 4 minutes. If you want to turn down the cooking heat or turn it up there is a fan dial.


[Image Source: Homping]

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The design means that the grille is cool to the touch and you can even move it during cooking. There is a dripping pan that helps to stop flare-ups and thanks to the fan it eliminates around 95% of the smoke of a traditional grille. This essentially means that you could use the grille indoors. The Homping Grille was designed in 2013 but has just recently made its way to the US from Korea. It can be pre-ordered for US$199 and the designers are working on a USB powered version too.


[Image Source: Homping]

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