The Kairos T-Band allows any watch to become smart

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Smartwatches are the in-thing at the moment and we have seen them many designs from many different companies since the Pebble watch stirred up a fuss on Kickstarter. Now another alternative solution from Kairos known as the T-Band is hitting the scene. The difference? It can turn any watch into a smart watch as the tech is packed into the band of the watch, rather than the face.


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The TBand is set to be available in three different versions, each of them having been designed originally to work alongside the Kairos smartwatch which the company revealed in June. However, there will be adapters that will ensure that the strap will work with different models of watches.


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The bands have an electronics section with includes a 9 axis gyroscope along with accelerometer, compass, optical sensor and a rechargeable battery. The strap also comes with a Pogo Pin USB charging port. The strap of the watch has been designed to fit in the same way a bangle is worn, by snapping the strap together, as opposed to fastening like the traditional band.


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The three choices are the T-Band ND, T-Band HD and the T-Band OD. The ND version is the simplest of the devices and should offer around seven days of battery life. It offers just basic notifications for calls and texts using vibration and an LED multi-coloured indicator. It comes with fitness tracking and GSR, with the latter being able to detect the temperature of the skin.


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The T-Band HD offers around three days battery life and comes with lots more features and functions. The LED panel is installed under a membrane that is thin and this hides it when it isn’t being used. Simple alphanumeric display gives basic information.

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The T-Band OD offers an OLED display of full colour at 11 x 25 mm and 170 dpi. This is a touch display with anti-scratch coating and mineral glass and has the ARM Cortex M4 processor along with a microphone for text to speech.


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The T-Band offers various functions depending on the chosen model. They can all link up to social media, offer fitness monitoring and support multiple languages. The OD is also able to connect to the wearer’s phone or tablet and it is able to be used to control a digital camera remotely or control a media playlist. It can send pre-set messages and even start up, control and monitor a car through the optional modules.


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At the moment the Kairos TBand is appealing for backing on Indiegogo, with pledges beginning at US$129. The company plan on making deliveries of the watch strap by April next year.

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