The LG Pocket Printer Makes Prints on the Go

Interesting Engineering

Take any SmartPhone image and create a wallet size picture in a mere second with the LG Pocket Printer. This little gadget fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be transported in any pocket. You can be printer ready at any moment; in the office, at school or on the street.

This printer is better than your average printer for more reasons than just it’s small size. There are several SmartPhone apps that can be used with the printer to create fun and unique printed images. Combining SmartPhone apps with the LG Pocket Printer allows you to show off your creative style.


The most popular user friendly app that will allow you to use the LG Pocket Printer the way it was meant to be used is the LG Pocket Photo app, it allows you to add text onto the photo. You can then print or share on Facebook.

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